Ready to go


Why we are for you?

You have made a good start, and should be able to put together some programs by now. We hope you have enjoyed our free lessons but this is not the end of free stuff from us. Fill our form out and we will give you a log in to the members area.

The project you will work on

What we will be doing is building this school day project in Scratch. Each lesson will give you the skills required to develop this project as you go. Its a game where you will build a world where everyone comes and go to school. The first thing we do is build a clock. Then get a character called cool kid to walk around a path. We code a set of traffic lights with a car, next we get the car to drive around the streets. Later the kids can go the school on time, with game to play with friends, you can choose if you want to go to school in the car or walk with good and bad consequences for both.

A bit about us.